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Shadowing is used to improve the look of an image. We sometimes refer to this as 'Natural Shadowing' or 'Drop Shadow'. It can also be used for 'Reflection Shadow'. You will find various types of shadows here at our lab.


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Reflection Shadow

A reflection shadow is an ideal way to highlight a product on a surface. A reflection shadow can be made with the help of professional service and it’s especially effective if you want to highlight an image on, say, a surface.

Mirror Image Making

Mirror images, as the name suggests, mean exactly that. Creating a mirror image reflection can give an image a special effect. When used properly with the right subjects it can create astounding effects!

Drop Shadow Making

Drop shadows are the kind of shadows that you would usually see next to any object. In real life, drop shadows are created by some kind of light source.

We however can synthetically add drop shadows to give an image more depth of field. Drop shadow making service helps to make a image look more real and also more deep. Meaning it’ll look more 3D than 2D.

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